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up too late

well i'm up too late again due to a doze on the couch that turned into a three hour nap. hrm...guess it's another night of movies in bed. on a positive note, i finally did laundry today. don't know if i'll go down to jersey this weekend at all or not. i'm thinking i might go down tomorrow night and drive back up with N on monday night. it depends on whether or not i get a good amount of work done tomorrow. who ever thought i'd be going into the office on the weekends? if i do drive down i'll be able to drop off my weights and the dog at my parents' house.

my dog...there's a topic for posting. she's old and i've had her since i was a kid. her legs don't work very well anymore and she falls down a lot, she's kind of smelly, and has an awful habit of hacking, but i love her to death and don't know what i'd do without her around. she makes my living situation a lot more bearable a lot of the time. it may feel like the world is against me sometimes, but i know that Cleo is always on my side.

i figure i should at least attempt to go to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour so that i can go to the gym tomorrow morning.
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