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lesbianmafia's Journal

Lesbian Mafia
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This is [yet another] community for lesbians, bisexuals, andros, FTM's and MTF's. Female allies are welcomed.

1.) Respect everyone.

2.) All posts that have:

  • quizzes/polls
  • any sized pictures
  • entries longer then a paragraph

Must be behind the lj cut tag. (Learn how to make lj-cuts)

3.) Any and all pictures posted, including your lj icons, must be appropriate. No below-the-waist nudity or images that may trigger anorexic/self mutilation feelings.

4.) Entries can be slightly off topic (topic being anything queer/lesbian related), but quizzes must somehow be related to lesbians or the queer community.

5.) Introduction entries can be anything and everything about yourself that you feel the need to include except explicit addresses (ie "I live on 123 North Road, Anywhere USA") and phone numbers. If an introduction entry gets lengthy, the lj-cut rule still applies. Introduction entries are not mandatory.

Open membership will end after the community hits 200 members, then membership will have to be approved.