juineve (juineve) wrote in lesbianmafia,

A request for assistance


My name is Mary Goodman and I am doing data collection for a psychology study at Fordham university on lesbians and body-image for a wider study of female body image in society. I felt taking a sample here would be both an effective and representative data set. I would like to know if it would be possible to garner your assistance in this matter.

If you are willing to help, please download, fill out, and send the following form to helenablue@gmail.com (or vapidchick@yahoo.com if you're worried about the possible datamining of Gmail).


I apologize for posting this in multiple threads. I will delete extras immediately (or feel free to do it for me) if it's inappropriate.

Also please distribute this to as many friends as possible (aren't you just a little curious about empirical data too? :) the results will be shared if you want them to).
Thanks a ton,

-Mary Goodman
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